Fall 2018 ARRL Director Election Schedule

Sept. 10Membership effectivity (cut-off) date (“Members of record”) for voting
Sept. 14Candidate 300-word statements complete (the actual date for this was Sept. 17)
Sept. 17-30Ballots and statements being printed and mailed by printer
Oct. 1Last day for mailing of paper ballots by printer
Oct. 1 (noon)Deadline for petitioners or their representatives to request to observe ballot counting
Nov. 16 (noon)Deadline for return of ballots from voting Members
Nov. 16Counting of ballots and notification of results to candidates
Nov. 21Deadline for protests (in writing) to be received by ARRL Secretary

Note!!! The 12:00 noon November 16th voting deadline is not a “postmark” deadline; it is the last instant that Member ballots can be received at the League address on the ballot return envelope and still be counted. Plan on allowing at least a full calendar week for returning your ballot by mail, and give overnight delivery carriers at least two days to be sure their “overnight” mail makes it in time.