Public Service

The world is changing, and we must change with it. If we as amateurs are to be effective communicators during times of emergency, we must be able to apply a variety of techniques and skills to helping the general public, both directly and ⎯ through assistance to “served agencies” ⎯ indirectly.

I believe that NTS and ARES should be highly collaborative and complementary pieces of our total response to the public service needs of our friends and neighbors far and wide.

I believe there is a place at the table for many technologies and operating modes ⎯ including not just digital but our traditional voice and CW capabilities ⎯ and that all are necessary and important skills that we amateurs should have at our disposal when disasters strike.

The League’s long-overdue “2nd Century Plan” for public service has yet to see the light of day. As a Board member, I will join with other directors to see that the right expertise, resources, and priorities are applied to this project to expedite its successful design and implementation.


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