NTS Debacle

For more than 50 years I participated at all levels of the League’s National Traffic System (NTS) as traffic handler, net control station, inter-net and TCC representative, net manager, and chair of one of its three Area Staffs. In my view (I hope that’s close enough to “In my opinion” to satisfy everyone), the events that played out at the higher levels of NTS beginning in June, 2016 have had a catastrophic effect on the operation and reputation of ARRL’s flagship message-handling system. These events were initiated by the Roanoke Division incumbent but were compounded by the subsequent failure of ARRL’s President and then-CEO to stanch the flow of blood ⎯ despite repeated and clearly stated pleas and warnings from NTS participants from coast to coast in addition to my own.

Like many other hams I’ve talked with over the course of the past few weeks, I hadn’t been paying much attention to what was happening at meetings of the ARRL Board of Directors. But that certainly changed during the 2nd half of 2016 as I saw NTS fracture as a direct result (in my opinion, of course) of the dismissal of an NTS Area Staff Chair on the recommendation of the Roanoke Division incumbent — which dismissal occurred, I believe, without the knowledge or prior concurrence of the full Board! Ultimately, the shock waves from that action resulted in the alienation of a large body of loyal, die-hard League appointees and other members. The whole scenario left a very bad taste in my mouth and is certainly one reason why I am running for Roanoke Division Director. But that action also resulted in my paying much more attention to other kinds of (in my opinion) “mischief” the Board was up to.

Amateur Radio Parity Act