Amateur Radio Parity Act

In 2017 along came the Amateur Radio Parity Act (ARPA) ⎯ the League’s attempt to force Home Owner Associations (HOAs) to accept amateur antennas by getting Congress to pass a new law. In my opinion, some on the Board ⎯ including the Roanoke Division incumbent ⎯ felt that once Congress passed ARPA, the FCC would have enough latitude in administering and enforcing it to potentially favor amateurs.

Not only did League members with expertise in the legal aspects of real estate, zoning, restrictive covenants, and Congressional lobbying have no opportunity to provide input to the League’s deliberations, by far the majority of these individuals found the wording in ARPA to be highly flawed and extremely unlikely to accomplish the intended objective. And the idea floated by the Roanoke Divison incumbent that the FCC would have any latitude in how it implemented ARPA was, to some experts, simply laughable and naïve.

Perhaps worse ⎯ although I actually believe this has saved amateurs in HOAs from the law of unintended consequences ⎯ the League’s game plan utterly failed to sway a key Congressional supporter of HOAs, and ARPA has repeatedly gone down to defeat.

NTS Debacle