Why I'm Running


Simply getting on the ballot was an adventure. So…Why am I running? I’ll attempt to explain that with what I strongly believe are “botched” Board-level decisions, presented in subsequent pages in roughly chronological order.

As I began to dig further into recent Board activities, I found that modern-day ARRL Board minutes contain far less useful information than they did back in, say, the 80s when I had the privilege of viewing the proceedings “up close and personal” as Vice Director of the Atlantic Division. In my opinion, the Board now appears to use parliamentary “tricks” such as going into lengthy sessions as “a committee of the whole” to avoid reporting out any details or even a general sense of the various sides of issues that come before it.

Over the course of the next few days, I hope to add other instances of recent Board tactics that have triggered my concern as well as the concern of many, many other League members from coast to coast. And to help you gauge the scope of the impact from these actions that were either initiated or supported by the Roanoke Division incumbent, you should know that I am receiving unsolicited monetary contributions not only from within but from outside the Roanoke Division!!!

Getting on the Ballot

W2RU Ballot Statement

E-mail to Members

NTS Debacle

Amateur Radio Parity Act