W2RU Ballot Statement

When voting for Roanoke Division Director, focus on relevant experience and the alarming challenges that face ARRL today.

“Hippisley has a distinguished résumé of nearly a half-century of service to ARRL.” (Source: ARRL Web announcing NTS Chair Appointment)

A Life Member of ARRL, my service includes:

As Potomac Valley Radio Club Area Chair and President of the Franklin County (VA) Radio Club, I interest youngsters in ham radio and mentor them. A life-long experimenter — and author of the Practical Antenna Handbook — I know the satisfaction of home-brewing. I’ve seen hands-on programs, many including computers, inspire youngsters. As Director I will work to make youth programs a foundation of ARRL. Youth are ARRL’s and ham radio’s future!

ARRL membership numbers and percentages are decreasing, and most new licensees are not joining. I have seen NTS fractured and its affiliation with ARES crippled. I object strongly to recent ARRL Board actions and proposals that led many members and affiliated clubs to complain in writing: disqualifying a sitting Director from running again; rejecting the nominating petition of a sitting Vice Director to run for Director; promoting an Amateur Radio Parity Act that I and others consider flawed; and censuring a Director widely known for high ethical standards — all of which actions were supported by the Roanoke incumbent! Our members deserve better.

As an engineer (BSEE, MIT) with a quarter-century of corporate management, strategic planning, and board-level governance — plus continuous service to ham radio since age 14 — I know I can bring needed change to ARRL.

Assure ARRL’s future for all of us by voting for me as your Roanoke Division Director!